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What to Do and See at Lillian Farms 

There are lots of things to do right here at Lillian Farms.

There's hiking, biking, bird watching, reading, and an abundance of space inside and out to just hang out, play games, relax, and unwind.

Enjoy coffee on your private cottage porch or on the balcony of the Estate House and experience an amazing sunrise. If you're not a morning person, hike or bike down to our 14-acre lake in the evening to view a spectacular Texas sunset. Bring your bikes to enjoy all of the open roads on the farm and the surrounding area. You will often find bike racers practicing their rides on nearby roads, and you may even get lucky and stay with us on race day! Many bike races happen year-round in the surrounding area.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the Great Egrets and White-winged Scoter Ducks that often make pit stops here. You'll also find herons, cranes, Crested Caracaras, Red-Tailed Hawks, and plenty of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers among the many species of birds that make Lillian Farms their home. A pair of American Bald Eagles made their home here one year, and there have been glimpses of others as they've moved through the area.

Sometimes (but not always), you may be lucky enough to hear the soothing sounds of a Great Horned Owl or the yips and howls of Texas Plains Coyotes as they teach their pups the tricks of the trade. These nocturnal creatures are rarely seen at the farm, but it is a treat when they choose to make a little noise.

White-tailed deer are abundant, and you will often see them running across the meadow in front of the Estate House or grazing at the edge of the lake. If you are staying in one of our Southern Cottages, the 40 acre meadow across from your door will often reward you with wonderful views of the deer herds in the evening as they forage. The backyard of Lady Kassie's Rose Cottage is a favorite spot for does to bring their fawns to play and learn. Many guests have seen fawns frolicking in the yard while their mothers look on nervously from the tall grass beyond.

In the spring, through most of the summer, and even into the fall, wildflowers are abundant. In fact, Lillian Farms is home to more than two dozen native wildflowers that we've documented so far! There may be many more. Use the Lillian Farms Wildflower Checklist found in your room or cottage and see how many you can find! Of course, spring is the prime time to come to Lillian Farms for the gorgeous display of Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush, and more, but true wildflower enthusiasts will find many species at other times of the year, too.

For the fisherman, our lake is stocked with a crossbreed of Texas/Florida bass for catch-and-release fishing. You don't need a license to enjoy our lake shores. Bring your equipment and fish to your heart's content. Our guests have had success with artificial lures, but if you prefer live bait, Brenham Fisheries, Brenham Walmart SuperCenter, or The Bait Barn should be able to help you out. Occasionally, you will be able to find live bait at local gas stations as well.

In the Estate House, guests can enjoy gathering in the common area upstairs for a glass of wine, a sunset view off the balcony, or to play cards. We love it when guests discover the beautiful wooden board game set and sit down for a game of checkers or Monopoly.

Our stone fire pit is a great place for an evening gathering. Bring your guitar for a sing-along, and don't forget the fixins for roasting hot dogs or making that Girl Scout original, s'mores. No worries if you didn't plan on singing and eating around the campfire -- our s'mores kit is available for purchase with everything you need for this gooey but oh-so-delicious fireside treat. 
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