Meet Our Animals



 November 2000 -- July 29, 2017

Lily was the canine matriarch of Lillian Farms. Born at Lillian Farms, she lived here all of her life and was Barbara's faithful and constant companion for almost 17 years. Everyone adored her, including the other dogs on the farm. They knew she was boss, and always followed her lead. Lily's bark was law!








abt. 1996 - July 7, 2017

We'll all miss Lucy, who looked like a dog, but sounded like a cat. From the day she jumped into Barbara's car as a stray on an Alabama highway, Lillian Farms was her home. She loved men, bread, and scrambled eggs (not necessarily in that order). 












April 9, 2005 - April 17, 2017

Ivy was a retired racing greyhound owned by our innkeeper. She enjoyed her last few years at Lillian Farms. She enjoyed the lake, and loved visits from her friends Bella and Daisy.





Dottie & Peppermint (Mother & Daughter)






 The Angus Family

(The Anguses apologize that not all nine family members were present for their photo shoot.)